Male Nail Polish Paints The Town Red In Berlin

Gone are the days of Marilyn Manson’s goth-rock and black lacquered nails (we would hope). But apparently nail polish for dudes is experiencing a European revival in a much more colorful way. Makeup line Uslu Airlines has come out with a manicure product branded for men in participation with Berlin DJs and urban culture figures. The colors gracing the men’s hands are baby blue, metallic purple, and silver. While we’d be skeptical of the truth behind such a trend, New York Times’ The Moment blog affirms that although men began wearing polish in the rave music subculture, “it has transcended the underground night-life scene to become a coveted item for everyone from the average Johannes to editors, gallery owners and other daylight creatures.”

Would your manfriend be down with wearing nail polish? Seems like a particularly European trend. [New York Times’ The Moment]