Trend Watch: Cute Crap I Wanna Put On My Head

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I’m the spawn of a crazy hat lady. Her fashion concept for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah: black fur hat on Friday night, white fur hat on Saturday. Needless to say, I’m genetically inclined to want to put taxidermy girlie stuff on my head. I cannot resist hair accessories’ adorable powers. In fact, I once made a pill box hat with a granola bar box, a stapler, and some scrap lace. But now, flouncy feathers clips, flowers so big a bug could live in them, teeny hats with birdcage veils, and beaded bands are in stores everywhere, all looking for a head to bedazzle. Am I this head? Yes, girl, yes I am! These frills make me feel like a pretty, pretty princess. And luckily, not only all this hair fanfare is in style, it’s getting super fancy. So far, I’ve been down with scarf turbans and headbands, namely my fave leopard knot one. But look at the craptastical turquoise bow in this photo. Reason tells me it’s gotta match your hair like Lady Gaga, but secretly, some part of me just wants to get my bow on … even if it looks manic panicked. Clearly, I’m ready to take things higher. Are you with me? Good! Let’s drool together over this assortment of cute crap we could wear with our heads held high. Consider this my super early Chanukah wish list, cough, Mom.
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