Beware These 4 Updo Pitfalls

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I really can’t. But I have to: Freida Pinto’s hair from last night’s British GQ event is an abomination. I can’t stand her ‘do. Her dress? Love it. Her acting potential? Amazing. Her hair? 100 percent Dolly Parton updo—stacked like a huge, frizz-ball mass atop her head. What can I say? The “messy pile” is an updo dealbreaker. Everyone gets a pass now and then, but if you’re looking to achieve an updo that’s more fresh than matronly, I’ve got a few nuggets of hair wisdom to keep in mind, after the jump…

    Skip the “piling-it-all-up-top” look: Lesson number one, courtesy of Freida. If you’re going to put your hair up on top of your head, be sure it’s more sleek than messy. I’m not saying the chignon needs to be hyper-tight to your head, but the thing that gets me down about Miss Pinto is the pouf. There’s no discernible bun, rather her hair stylist just took pins and dragged pieces of untamed hair and pinned them anywhere he liked. Ick.

    Just say “no” to tightly curled tendrils: I’d say skip the strands entirely, but sometimes a look calls for them (note: if your hair is tightly pulled back, random tendrils aren’t recommended!). But if you’re going there, don’t, don’t don’t take a curling iron to them—the look just screams prom.

    Keep french twists skinny: Yes, french twists are back. But the newer styles feel modern and you know why? They aren’t the Dallas-bouffant kind! If you’re attempting a retro look with a twist, put it on a diet.

    Sleek shouldn’t be face-altering: There’s tight and then there’s face-lift tight (you now, when hair is so slicked back that your face is literally pulled back and away?). If your hairdo gives you a headache a mere ten minutes after doing it, it’s too tight.