A DIY Facelift—Would You Do It?

We’ve talked a whole lot about do-it-yourself projects here at The Frisky—DIY haircuts, DIY Botox, DIY sex toys—and mostly we’ve come to the general conclusion that anything that goes in or is slathered on your body should never be a DIY. (Unless you’re using natural crap, like berries or honey or whatever.) News from the Daily Mail, though, has over 2,000 women on a Harrods waiting list for an at-home facelift kit (it just went on sale). Say what?! It’s a $496 (!) kit containing electronic panels that sit directly over your cranial nerve (it’s just in front of your ear from where all the facial nerves branch out), and pulse to gently stimulate every muscle in your face. (Or so they say.) Apparently, you don’t end up looking like this lady, but still. Do you trust anything electronic or billed as a “facelift” near your face without a very good, very skilled doctor present?

Personally, I’m out on this one. Not only would I prefer to let plastic surgeons do their jobs (in their nice, sterile offices), but doesn’t this thing remind you of those belly fat “busters” that “melted” away the pudge just by throwing on that weightlifter-esque belt and turning it on to jiggle and vibrate? Seems like a big waste ‘o money to me! (And upon further investigation, this facelift gizmo is from the same company as the belly jiggly belt—Slendertone. [Daily Mail]