Words That Will Get You Laid On OKCupid

Any lass who’s dipped her toes into the online dating waters knows after two days all the messages (and the dudes who wrote them) blur together. Newsflash: saying “Hey, I love ‘The Office’ too!’ doesn’t woo the ladies, guys.

But do you know what really peaks the interest and prompts a woman to respond? For OKCupid, it’s messages that contain the words “zombie,” “tattoo,” and “piercing.” Number-crunching monkeys at OKCupid analyzed how specific words that men use in messages affect a woman’s reply rate. Although the data isn’t complete and does not account for other factors like sexy profile pics, it’s still an interesting peek into how women like to be wooed.

Men who use the words “awesome,” “pretty” and “haha” got more replies than the ones who use “babe,” “cutie” or “beautiful.” “Hit,” unsurprisingly, doesn’t work. And IM-speak, like “ur,” “holla,” “wat,” “luv” and “im” are sucky words to use. Maybe cleaning up your grammar and spelling is all it takes to get laid more?

Question: What’s wrong with “beautiful”? When I was on OKCupid, that one always worked on me! Better question: Why are women writing back to men who use the word “zombie”? [OKCupid Blog]