Sneaky Tips For Prolonging Your Hair Color

My biggest beauty expense has to be my hair color. Each year, I willingly give hundreds and hundreds of dollars to salons. However, I’ve been in a weird situation lately where I am looking to cut back on my expenses, but not willing to give up my super blonde locks. My answer has been to reduce the frequency of my salon visits for dye jobs, and rely on some tricks for prolonging a natural yet pretty shade.

  1. Consider finding a colorist who specializes in “balayage” highlights. This is a special technique where hair color is painted onto small sections. The dye is applied lighter at the top and heavier at the bottom so it blends more naturally with your roots. This will help camouflage your roots as they grow out.
  2. Deep condition with a color enhancer a couple times a week. If you’re blonde, this mixture is usually a purplish color. A great bet is Davines Alchemic Conditioner, which keeps your color bright, and adds shine. [$26.50,]
  3. Get your hair cut. By shedding dead ends, you’ll reveal different shades of color that were hiding beneath the top layer of your hair. (Nearly every time I get my hair cut, someone asks if I got it dyed too and they are usually surprised when I say I didn’t.)
  4. Add volume to your ‘do. If your roots are beginning to drive you crazy, consider sporting volumized styles. By lifting your hair away from your head and giving it texture, your color difference will be less obvious than when it lays flat.

Got any more?