“Saturday Night Live” Hires/Fires The Ladies

Hey, so you know how last week we were all, “Yippee! ‘Saturday Night Live’ has added two new lady cast members!”? Well today, I’m all, “Oh crap, they fired Casey Wilson and Michaela Watson?” Broadsheet wonders, “Does ‘SNL’ have a lady quota?” Good question. So here’s the lowdown. Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad were just added to the cast, which, for, like, half a second, brought the “SNL” estrogen tally up to six (including Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson, Michaela Watson, and Abby Elliot). Then we found out Wilson and Watson got the ax, which I guess is understandable because Watson sucked — seriously, her Hoda Kotb impression stunk next to Wiig’s Kathie Lee — and Casey Wilson is better off writing awesome rom-coms like “Bride Wars” (yeah, I said it!). But still, is the ratio of male-to-female cast members on “SNL” ever going to be equal? And may we suggest Current’s own Sarah Haskins as a possible contender?

In happier news, however, “SNL” has announced that Seth Meyers has FINALLY got a co-host for “Weekend Update” — Kristen Wiig. Guess she’ll continue to rule each and every skit going forward. Would there be an “SNL” without this chick? Seriously.