Quickies: These Guys Fit The “Million Dollar Bill” And Fall Fashion Decisions

  • Some guys in Asbury Park, New Jersey gave Whitney Houston a tribute by performing her song “Million Dollar Bill.” [The WOW Report] — I would have guessed they were on Fire Island, not in Asbury Park.
  • Days before Demi Moore chastised Perez Hilton for publishing suggestive photos of her daughter Tallulah Willis, 15, Perez promised Tyra Banks on her talk show that he’d stop making derogatory statements towards minors. [Starpulse] — Perez must have been waiting for the episode to air before he changed his ways. Or maybe his ghostwriter had no idea the promise was made?
  • Matt Damon said he had the “funnest” time gaining weight for his starring role in “The Informant.” [PopEater] — I still love you, Matt, even if you don’t have the best grammar.

  • A new study involving white families has found that when parents avoid discussing race altogether young children still discriminate based on race. [ TrèsSugar]
  • A 15-year-old Brooklyn boy shot himself in the penis Sunday morning with the gun he was carrying in his waistband. [Gothamist] — When will people learn not to play with guns, and more importantly, not to play with guns near their sexual organs?
  • Performer Jackie Molen, who was born with only one tiny leg, says her circus act alongside her flamethrower boyfriend is tradition, not exploitation as some people claim. [L.A. Times]
  • Are you having a difficult time deciding what fashion(s) to spend your limited budget on? Well, check out what some style bloggers have on their list for some help with making up your mind. [Lemondrop] — I’d so go for the Chloe Sevigny buckle boots if I had a clothing allowance.