Hot New Trend: Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Daddy Throws A “Man Shower”

Over the weekend, Scott Disick (wait, you don’t know who he is? Keep up people, he’s Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy. Yes, the guy with the overly-gelled hair) had what Kourtney has dubbed a “man shower.” To celebrate the fact that, come December, he’ll have a rugrat, Scott met up with his friends Kevin Federline, Cisco Adler, and Shwayze in Miami for a night of male bonding. [People]

Their “man shower” wasn’t actually all that showery—they basically went to dinner and then a club—but we fear that now that guys are carrying murses and even breastfeeding, they’ll want to start having baby showers, too. After the jump, a few “man shower” ideas that we genuinely hope never catch on.

  • Women play pin the pacifier on the baby. So perhaps dudes can play pin the sperm on the egg?
  • Instead of tea, the guys would probably drink beer out of baby bottles.
  • You know every guy would want to try a Slip N’ Slide lubed with baby powder rather than water.
  • Competitive cigar smoking.
  • Wearing diapers as hats.
  • Or worse, I bet some guy would come up with the idea of using diapers as plates for food.
  • Poker. Whoever wins gets to name the baby.
  • Instead of that traditional box where women leave a piece of parenting advice, the dudes would probably swap tips on getting laid once the six weeks are up.

And you thought regular baby showers were bad enough.