John Hudson Had The Worst 18th Birthday Ever

I’m a little sad for John Hudson. The dude just turned 18 and to celebrate his birthday, he decided to squat between two cars in a parking lot and masturbate while wearing women’s undies and stockings. Then the cops arrived, totally busting up his private party of one, and arrested Hudson on obscenity and trespassing charges. The police also found pornographic magazines, lotion and a “pink dildo with pubic hairs on it.” In his “defense,” Hudson says he has a “fetish” for such things. I feel bad for the dude. Just turned 18 and already has a criminal record for something that’s pretty harmless. I mean, I wouldn’t want my five-year-old happening upon Hudson, but the fact that he was squatting between two cars indicates he was at least trying to hide — doesn’t that count for something? [Splash News]