Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

In the first episode of “Entourage” this season, Turtle, a frumpy-but-lovable goofball, is utterly confused by the premise of “Knocked Up.” He can think of no possible rationale for beautiful Katherine Heigl’s character taking dumpy Seth Rogen’s character home and becoming impregnated with his baby.
The unattractive-man-bags-attractive-woman situation is not unfamiliar—in “Entourage” Turtle dates a woman played by Jamie Lynn Sigler (and in a bit of life imitating art, the two fell for each other during filming and are now dating in real life); in “According to Jim,” Courtney Thorne Smith is married to Jim Belushi; “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “King Of Queens,” “Yes Dear,” all show a not-hot man landing a blazing wife. Read more


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