Today’s Lady News: How Many Beers Would It Take A Yale Student To Screw You?

  • Yale students are sending an email around to each other rating how many beers it would take them to screw dozens of female members of the freshman class of 2013. Girls get ranked by things like “sobriety,” “five beers” or “ten beers.” [NBC]—The children are our future, everybody!
  • A lawsuit’s a-brewin’ in California over a mandatory 45-minute lesson for kindergarten through fifth-graders which teaches students about diversity, LGBT families and the harmfulness of teasing. Some parents of kids in the Alameda Unified School District are very considered about this “indoctrination.” [Fox News]—”Indoctrination” was their word, not mine.
  • Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japan’s incoming prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, said in a book called The Most Bizarre Things I’ve Encountered, that her spirit was abducted by a UFO and flown to Venus. [Fox News]

  • Despite a lot of complaining from religious fundamentalists, Iran’s parliament confirmed the nomination of a female Minister of Health. She’s the first woman to hold a ministry position in the Iranian government since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. [Feminist Daily News]
  • Steven Dale Green, 24, former solider received five consecutive life sentences for the rape and murder of an Iraqi teen girl, as well as the murder of three of her family members. Green said he is not a “sex offender” or a “sociopath” and said he was just following orders. ” “If I had not joined the Army, if I had not gone to Iraq, I would not have got caught up in anything,” he said. [Fox News]
  • Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens only hired one law clerk, instead of four, which leads speculators to wonder if that indicates he might retire, meaning President Obama might get to nominate another Supreme Court Justice after Sonia Sotomayor. Do you think Obama would nominate another woman to be Supreme Court Justice? Would you even want him to? [Feministing]