Latest ’80s Comeback: The Smurfs In 3D!

La, la, la, la, la, la. For some reason, whenever I let my mind go blank, the word “smurf” pops into it. So I’m pretty excited that Sony Pictures is working on a movie version of the little blue guys that’ll be out circa December 2010. “The Smurfs” will be partly in 3-D animation and partly with live actors. This is the first image to be released while the film is in pre-production. Rumor has it that John Lithgow will play Gargamel and that Raja Gosnell (“Scooby Doo”) will direct. Not much is out about the movie’s plot, but most seem to think it focuses on Clumsy Smurf. All I gotta say is—I hope this time around, there are more lady smurfs that just Smurfette and Sassette. [SF Gate]