Gallery: Wedge Yourself Between Summer And Fall

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Not since the ’70s have wedge heels been so popular. Thankfully, designers have left the live goldfish out of their creations this time around, but one element all the designers have agreed on is heel height. Some towering wedges even go as high as six inches! That’s rather impractical for the average woman, as are the crazy high prices of the high-end wedges. Luckily, there are many wedge-heeled shoes available now to transition between summer and fall that won’t break the bank. Check out these more budget-friendly options in the slideshow. In case you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the buying info for these high-end wedges is below.


    1. Charlotte Olympia Striped Wedge Genie Pumps, $1,191,


    1. Georgina Goodman Double Zip Paris Low Boots, $1057,


    1. Alain Quilici Faceted Wedge Pointy Toe Low Boots, $851,


  1. Chrissie Morris Suede Stingray Insert Wedge Annie Pumps, $1,413,
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