2009: Perez Hilton’s Year In Fights

Is it just me or has 2009 been “The Year of Ridiculous Fights” for Perez Hilton? Sure, his derogatory blogs are sure to annoy even the thickest-skinned celebrities, but this year he seems to be digging in and truly getting under some celebrity skin. Of course, he’s at it again—this time his opponent is Demi Moore. The issue? Some suggestive party pics of her 15-year-old daughter Tallulah Willis. I’m sure you can imagine where this one’s going. That’s right … a Twitter war.

Round 1 Demi:

“Clearly Perez Hilton isn’t taking violating child pornography laws very seriously. He might not but there are a lot of people who do!…Anyone who advertises follows or supports Perez supports violating child pornography laws!…Let me ask all of you, what is it called when someone is telling people to look and focus on a child’s ‘boobs & ass’ while providing photos?”

Round 2 Perez:

“And thanks for drawing MORE attention to your daughter’s behavior and your parenting skills (or lack thereof). U r real smart!…Still waiting for you to retract your incorrect, libelous and defamatory statements…I would not let my 15 year old daughter dress like that under ANY context. You are delusional and slightly senile!” [Gawker]

The winner? Call it a draw. Tallulah, cover up and go home. You’re 15. You have plenty of time to embarrass your self, Lilo-style, when you get older.

Oh, but this is hardly the only celeb he’s gotten in the ring with this year:

  • April: Perez vs. Lily Allen. Lily was pissed when Perez said in a blog post that he pities “the poor sap who marries this trainwreck.” Naturally this statement led to a Twitter war. [Celebrity Truth]
  • June: Perez vs. Pete Wentz. Before Perez fought Ashlee, he fought Pete … over the death of Michael Jackson. These celebs sure do have a lot of time on their hands, huh? [Chart Attack]
  • June: Perez vs. Will.i.am. Black Eyed Peas manager punched Hilton in the face outside a Toronto nightclub after he called Will.i.am. a fa**ot. Madness and controversy ensued. [Huffington Post]
  • August: Perez vs. Ashlee Simpson. After Perez posted a piece about a public fight between husband and wife Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Ash tweeted him a warning, “Karma is a b*tch.” Fighting words if you ask me. [The Hollywood Gossip]

I wonder who will be next?