You Can’t Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue, Without Possibly Going Blind

A single mother living in London traveled to Panama for an operation that would turn her dark brown eyes light blue and almost blind her. Shenise Farrell saw an article on the internet about the £5,000 (about $8,098) operation, and raided her savings to fly to Central America. Farrell said she wasn’t worried because she’d already had breast augmentation surgery done in Bulgaria and was very happy with those results. The eye color changing procedure, which involves inserting a colored lens over the iris of the eye and isn’t licensed in Europe, was painful, Farrell said. After the 10-minute operation was complete, she said she was taken back to her hotel, given some eye drops, and told to get her own painkillers. Her vision was blurry for 12 days before she sought medical attention. British surgeons had to fight to save Farrell’s eyesight, repairing the hole in her iris and removing the implants in the process. They’re not sure whether she’ll experience long-term problems, like cataracts and glaucoma. A spokesman for New Color Iris, which manufactures the implants and put Farrell in contact with the Panamanian clinic, told the Daily Mail the company has carried out more than 200 operations since 2002 and has only had a few complaints. “No procedure is perfect,” he added. [Daily Mail]

So Farrell risked never seeing her children again for what she considers beautiful. I guess she never read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye.