Welcome Back, Erin Andrews!

After months off the job following the whole some-creep-filming-her-nude-in-her-hotel-and-posting-the-voyeuristic-vid-on-the-internet thing, Erin Andrews returned to ESPN last night as a sideline commentator at the South Carolina vs. North Carolina State game. (Goooo Gamecocks!) Some critics are saying that her return was uneventful and boring, but, uh, what did they want her to do? Tap dance while saying, “I’m baaack! And this time with clothes on!” I gotta say that I think Andrews handled the situation like a champ. When the video exploded online, she stepped out of the public eye. Thankfully, ESPN stood behind her and threatened legal action against anyone who posted the video. Since then, she’s stayed mums on the topic. She did a photo shoot for the September issue of GQ, but while the magazine often has women take it all off for their images, Erin kept it classy posing with a group of football players. In one of the images, above, she’s suited-up, covered in mud, and sitting on a locker room bench. I think it’s a great commentary on who she is—one of the guys and, yet, not. Next Friday, Erin’s one and only interview on the subject of the video will air—and it’s with Oprah. In the interview, Erin says, “I opened up the computer [and] could feel my heart pounding.” She actually called 911 as she saw more and more sites picking up the video. “My last name is Andrews,” she told the operator. “I’m all over the news right now. I’m the girl that was videotaped without her knowing, without her clothes on in the hotel. They’re looking at me through my window. I did nothing wrong, and I’m being treated like . . . Britney Spears.”

What do you think? Has Erin approached her return in the right way? What, if anything, would you have done differently?