New Studies Call Women Cheating Liars

Some new studies suggest men cheat up to five percent more than women, but apparently ladies are “bigger liars” about it. Hmm … bigger liars or just better at not getting caught? According to some recent studies, women are having more affairs than ever — around 15 percent, while the figure is closer to 20 percent for men — but they behave very differently from men when they cheat. Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: “The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret. If you look at the studies into paternity, even conservative figures show that between eight and 15 per cent of children haven’t been fathered by the man who thinks he’s the biological parent.” Those figures reflect a growing number of women cheating in the last 20 years, mainly because more women are working outside the home where they have plenty of opportunity to meet other men and have ready-made excuses, like late meetings and business travel, to spend time with them. Add financial independence and changing social attitudes to the mix and the ingredients for cheating are plenty. Still, social attitudes haven’t changed so much that female infidelity is as forgivable an offense as male infidelity. Can you imagine husbands of female politicians standing by supportively if their wives were caught cheating? Or a society embracing a former female politician years after reported infidelity as Americans continue to celebrate former President Clinton? Even the headline of the article from which this information was gathered is telling: “Think men are the more faithful sex? A study shows WOMEN are the biggest cheats — they’re just better at lying about it.” Then we read ahead and learn that men actually cheat five percent more than women. So, no, women don’t cheat more or even necessarily lie more — they’re just judged way more harshly for it. [via Daily Mail]