Make Up My Mind For Me: Cut, Grow Or Bangs?

I’m currently in the midst of a crippling case of haircut indecision. After three years of ever-changing, very short hair, I’ve finally let the stuff grow out to a reasonable length and now I’m bored all over again. Worse than that, I can’t even decide if I like it longer. I’m definitely not ready to go really short again, but perhaps a nice bob? Maybe some blunt bangs? Possibly I should just let it grow and grow ’til it sweeps the ground?

Clearly, I am ill-equipped to make this decision myself. So what better to do than turn my total inability to make up my mind into a poll for you? Vote on my next hair style below. Please use the pic at left of me last week as a reference point instead of just voting on your favorite hair style option in general. Just because you love bangs doesn’t mean I’d look good in them.

This hair cut is going down over the weekend, so vote right away, please!Option 1: Calm the hell down and let it grow. You can always cut it later, spaz.

Option 2: Let’s get some razored long bob action going on up in this joint. (Like this but minus the bangs.)

Option 3: Trim the edges and add some blunt bangs like so.