Leah Lust: Another Florida Teacher Gone Wild

As if it wasn’t enough that Florida already has a ridiculously high number of female teachers who get down and dirty with male students, now they can add another shady teacher headline to the list of indiscretions. After high school biology teacher Tiffany Shepherd was fired last year when some racy bikini pics of her on a boat surfaced, she thought it would all just blow over and that she’d be able to get another teaching job. After sending out 2,500 resumes to the sound of crickets chirping, Tiffany decided to take her teaching career in … another direction. She’s starring in a porno. Hey, when life gives you lemons, you squeeze them into porn lemonade, right?

The 31-year-old teacher has transformed herself into Leah Lust and made some fun and educational adult videos like “My First Sex Teacher.” Worse? Mrs. Lust blames her decision to get into porn on the slimy boat captain who took her bikini pics in the first place. Evidently, he convinced her she would never get her old job back at Port St. Lucie High School and should cash in on her beauty while she could. [The Week]

Tiffany, can I recommend another profession? Some middle ground where you’re not working with kids or dildos? Like pretty much ANY other profession besides teaching or porn?