“In The House” Actress Maia Campbell Rumored To Have Meth Problem

It’s always disconcerting when a once-promising actress totally loses it. (Hello, Natasha Lyonne.) The latest in the line is Maia Campbell, who once starred in the show “In The House” alongside LL Cool J. Back in March, a report surfaced on the site MediaTakout.com from a reader who claimed they’d spent the day with Campbell and that (a) she was living on Venice Beach (b) she hadn’t showered in a while and was begging for someone to wash her hair and (c) she couldn’t stop smoking meth. It was easy to think maybe the letter and accompanying photos were just a mean prank, but today a video surfaced of Campbell. And let’s just say that she doesn’t exactly look or sound sober in it. Rumors are also swirling that she’s been picked up for robbery and prostitution in the past year. If this is what’s going on, here’s hoping Maia is able to get help. Soon. [Gawker]