In Bed With … Jesus Luz

January 15, 1988, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Scorpio
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Scorpio

Love Style:

Love is a dark and slippery slope for lil’ Mr. Luz, as he’s not so emotional, affectionate or warm in most relationships. Sure, one can chalk it up to age, but having power over a cuddle buddy will always inspire him more. The fact that he is dating Queen Vadge of the Universe suits him fine, as he’s best in a structured business partnership where cash and prestige are the motivators. Not to say he’s not capable of love, but he tends to give devotion practically rather than sentimentally — like a good worker bee. This makes him one fine piece of ass to prance around town with, casting an image that would make any one envious. However, when it comes down to it, his priority is himself. Of course, being that he is so driven, he might not even see this, as his love of power is so deep, he can often mistake it for love.

Sex Style:

Jesus has the intensity of a million kilowatts of passion and loves sex as if it were his lifeline. But he also has a detached way about him that can make him run hot and cold in a way that can be quite rifling for the self–esteem if sex is the sole expression of affection. He’s prone to do better in a sexually based relationship that has defined boundaries. Otherwise, one has to be prudent with not mistaking his prowess for love — as it can be misleading since he performs strongly and intensely. Sexually, with feelings put aside, he will do anything. Jesus isn’t scared of exploring his sexuality to discover new facets of himself, especially dealing with power roles — a lifelong journey that’ll forever fascinate. However, no matter what he finds, the one constant about him is his sense of loyalty and no matter what happens in the bedroom, it’ll stay in the bedroom, as he’s not a boy that ever kisses and tells.

His Type:

Power coupling is his thing, as who he is with must be an asset to him in more than just romance. This would make Madonna his ideal. He likes appearing as a mover and shaker and although he is the lesser of the two, it doesn’t matter. He has more brains than one would suspect and can be quite astute in business dealings and working them in his favor. In relationships, one would have to worry about manipulation, as none of his astrological influences are very direct and most tend towards stubborn and single-minded covertness in his pursuit of a particular lifestyle. Overall, being a professional boy toy goes over well with him, but don’t underestimate him. Finding a way to capitalize on it is his obvious next move and the size of his brain could just blow everyone’s mind. However, if he were a real Einstein, he would realize the move would be something behind the scenes, rather than under a spotlight.

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