Style 911: Can I Wear Black To My Own Wedding?

“I’ve been reading The Frisky for a month or so (religiously!) and I thought this would be the place to get my questions answered. (You guys always seem to have the answers.) I’m getting married on Oct 31st of this year and want to know if it’s acceptable to wear a black wedding dress. I would pair it with an ivory shawl (in cashmere) with white pearls as accessories. Is this a fashion no-no? I just want something non-traditional and the bridal stores aren’t doing it for me. I’ve found this vintage black cocktail-type dress and hope that I can wear it! Thanks in advance!” – Melissa

Hey Melissa, what’s up? And welcome to The Frisky! Glad you’re here. I love your question because, personally, when it comes to fashion rules, I like to get all rebellious and say there are none. (Eh, OK, maybe just a few…) After the jump, let’s discuss whether a black dress can work for you on your wedding day or not.So here’s the deal: The only reason that I can see for a bride to wear white to her 2009 wedding is a) it’s her “signatuh coloh” or b) later in life she’ll kick herself for not being more traditional. But since it seems like the color black is more your thang and, clearly, you don’t seem to harbor any old-fashioned visuals of yourself in a big white gown–as you said, the bridal stores aren’t doing it for you–there’s no reason to hold back. Your idea, vintage black with a pretty cashmere shawl and pearls, sounds gorgeous and classic, even if the black is more of a modern twist. And that’s the key: By blending the old and new in a subtle way, you’re ensuring that you’re not pulling any crazy moves you might regret later, but you’ll still look and feel unique and special.

As recently married fashion high priestess Katie Grand said, “I wore an Azzedine Alaïa brown snakeskin dress, which he tortured me for about two months to get into, but at least it’s something I can wear again. I didn’t want some stupid white dress; it seems like such a waste.” But there’s nothing wasteful about your black cocktail dress, which if you so choose and style differently, can be worn again and again and again. (That said, there’s no shame in white dresses, either–it really comes down to you and your individual style.) Congrats and have a great wedding! xoe

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