Season Two Of “The City” Looks Like A Snoozefest

Even though last season of “The City” wasn’t so great, I’m still rooting for Whitney Port. I hoped that season two would be a little juicier. But now that MTV has released this extended trailer, I dunno. Here’s what’s happening this season: Whitney says goodbye to Diane von Furstenberg to design her own clothing line. Olivia goes to work at Elle and pisses all her coworkers off. Kelly Cutrone gets in some good one-liners. Whitney beefs with her glass-half-empty new coworker at People’s Revolution. Jay is gone and has been replaced by some bozo in a suit and tie named Freddy. He and Whitney obviously have zero chemistry and coincidentally the New York Post is reporting today that their relationship is already dunzo. So, things aren’t looking so hot. But I’ll probably end up watching anyway because that is how strong “reality” television’s hold is on me.