Kate Gosselin Gets A Makeover, Actually Looks Good

We’re officially in shock and awe here. Kate Gosselin, a woman whose very hairdo makes us cringe — and the fact that it’s caught on as a trend inspires us to shout out “why!?” and pump our fists at the heavens — is looking halfway decent in an upcoming issue of People. Shot in LA by Nigel Parry last week, Gosselin did not actually get a new haircut; this look is the result of some rather clever styling involving plenty of hairspray and possibly a clip-on thrown in the mix. Seriously though, she’s almost unrecognizable. As much as anyone in their right mind would probably ditch the old ‘do after seeing this pic, sadly, once you butcher your hair in a Gosselin fashion, it’s probably pretty hard to get back to square one. And you thought your bangs were hard to grow out. [ohnotheydidnt]