Is High Fashion A Man Repellent? Um, Do We Actually Care?

The other day I came across a newspaper article about how so-called “high fashion,” referring to the more avant-garde, conceptual side of styles like shoulder pads and Frankenstein-esque chunky platforms, may be a potent force when it comes to creative self-expression, but won’t earn you any points in the sack. And it’s true, many a manfolk, especially of the hetero variety, tend to eye fashion warily. In fact, when it comes to the couture realm, most of the time the only thing they could get behind (er, literally) is the hot models part of the whole trip. Brilliant fuchsia multi-tiered ruffled tunics? Not so much.Take for example, our old pal Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie in “Sex and the City.” Women love the crazy, on-trend outfits uber-stylist Patricia Field puts her in so much that the style element became an even greater focus in the film version. But do you know any guys who actually find her attractive? One look at those tutus and OTT bags and shoes and my guy friends are completely confused about why any woman in her right mind would ever want to emulate her look. It’s no big surprise that men tend to gravitate toward Kristin Davis’ character’s more conservative style. Still, I doubt this fact keeps style-icon-to-the-masses SJP up at night. Not that I am anywhere in the same league or anything, but being more of an “anything goes” kind of a dresser myself, it didn’t hurt my feelings that some dude slammed the harem pants I wore to work the other day in our “What Are People Wearing Today” feature. I mean, my own boyfriend isn’t really a fan either, though he’s not quite as harsh as one commenter who remarked:

“Pleats add bulk, a low crotch adds bulk and lengthens a part of the torso that makes your legs look disproportionately short and a high waist makes even a slab-flat stomach look bulgy. Tapered leg pants almost always add weight to your thighs, man or woman. The pants are ugly and unflattering.”

Zing! Haha. But then again, I already know this. So why do I insist on wearing what nine out of 10 straight men (OK, let’s face it, more like 10 out of 10) agree are heinous? Well, that’s between me and my silky, fabulously comfortable yet fashion-forward pants. If and when I want straight male attention (my gays love the dang pants), I can always wear a form-fitting Herve Leger dress. That’s what straight dudes like, right? Clothes that show off our tits and ass? Guess there is some high fashion that straight dudes can appreciate, after all.