Hair How To: It’s Not A Braid—It’s A Twist!

It’s been quite a braid-happy past few months. Which is why, when I spied this photo from the Venice Film Festival of Italian actress Laura Chiatti, I had to get all up in your (beauty) grill about it. Look closely at her hair. It ain’t a side braid; it’s a twist. (Remember those from back when? I was a huge braid and twist fan — whatever hairstyle worked to keep my long, stringy hair out of my face for school and didn’t take longer than three minutes to put together my mom could get behind.) Laura’s twist is chic and feels really boho. Want the hair how-to? It’s a snap, actually.
And if you do a side twist, your life just got 829084902234 times easier—because you can actually see what you’re doing in a mirror, as opposed to trying to see the back of your head, which is pretty much not possible. So yeah, the twist, here’s how: Start with dry hair. The genius bit about a twist is it’ll work with any type of hair, straight, curly, African-American—whatever you got, it’ll work!

Pull your hair back and secure it with an elastic just to the right or left of the nape of your neck. Now, take the ponytail hair and split it in half—you want two not-thin sections of hair. Next, take one section, twist it in your hand. Then take the twisted hair and twist it around the other section. It’s sort of like a double twist. You’re twisting the section then twisting it over the other section all double helix-like. (Some people even call this a “rope braid,” for obvious reasons.) Repeat the rope braiding technique with the opposite section. Then, again with the first section. Go back and forth until you have twisted all but three or four inches of your hair. Secure with another elastic at the bottom. Be sure to leave a good amount of hair untwisted at the bottom. It adds to the relaxed, bohemian feel of the look. Another way to ensure your rope braid isn’t too precious? Embrace the flyaways. You want a certain level of messiness.