Today In Terribleness: Murder, Murder, And More Murder

  • Brian Lewis was super jealous that Hayley Jones, his wife and the mother of his four children, was spending so much time on the internet. When she changed her relationship status from “married” to “single” on Facebook, he completely flipped out and stabbed and strangled her to death. He called an ambulance, but fled the house, leaving his kids to discover that their mother was dead. He’s on trial for murder as we speak. [Daily Mail]
  • A 26-year-old mom called police saying that her 5-week-old son had been taken by an ex-boyfriend. They eventually found the baby’s body in a trash can near the woman’s apartment. Police suspect that this woman killed her own son, hoping to cover up the fact that the child’s father is actually 16 years old. [CNN]

  • Samar Saed Abdullah is a 27-year-old woman on death row in Iraq for killing her uncle, aunt, and cousin. Except that almost everyone believes she’s innocent. In 2004, she agreed to marry a man named Saif Ali Nur after knowing him for two months. He asked her to take him to her wealthy relative’s house for a visit. Once there, she claims he locked her in the bathroom and proceeded to rob and shoot her family members. He threatened her that if she squealed, he’d come back for the rest of her loved ones. Samar was arrested as an accessory to the crime, only the police never found her fiancé. She claims the police tortured her to get her to sign a confession. [CNN]