“Saturday Night Live” Signs Two New Cast Members With Vajayjays

My dream job (aside from being a Frisky blogger, of course) would be “SNL” cast member. After Amy Poehler left the show last season, I thought I had my chance and I quickly got to work developing characters for the show. Well, I guess you’ll have to wait a while longer to see Miss Teenage America and Bird With The Broken Wing because two funny ladies have snatched up my job out from under my nose. Foiled again! Rumor has it that comediennes Jenny Slate (center) and Nasim Pedrad (left) will join ridiculously funny Kristen Wiig (right) representing ladyfolk on the show, along with Abby Elliott, Michaela Watkins, and Casey Wilson. That brings the female-to-male cast ratio to 4:3. That’s the most women on the show in 35 years! [Mediaite.com] Where are all these funny girls coming from? I mean, I’m sitting right here in my kitchen waiting to get discovered and the “SNL” producers haven’t even called or stopped by. Well, looks like the place to harvest new talent is Amy Poehler’s alma mater, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater—Slate comes from the New York branch and Pedrad from Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, both Slate and Pedrad are gorgeous and have written one-woman shows. No, I am NOT jealous at all. Nothing for me to do but give them my blessing if the rumors are true. If not … I am still available.

But no matter what happens, I will be watching when the new season kicks off on September 26. I hear Megan “Toe Thumbs” Fox may host the first show. [Mediaite.com]