Do You Abide By The “No White After Labor Day” Rule?

Between Sarah Jessica Parker’s all-white ensemble on the “Sex and the City” sequel yesterday, Tiffany Thornton’s look for “It’s On With Alexa Chung” and Kylie Minogue’s slammin’ ivory dress for just because, it seems like celebs are all frenzied trying to wear up their white clothes before the impending holiday weekend. Because, you know, someone in the public eye couldn’t possibly get away with — gasp! — wearing white after Labor Day. Obviously, the rule is kind of outdated at this point, and the idea of “winter white” has become quite chic the past few seasons. But many of us, especially the southerners here among us, learned while growing up that wearing a white dress or shoes to school on the Tuesday after Labor Day was considered sacrilege. (Even though in most of the south it’s still burning hot and sunny for most of September — but that was never acknowledged.)

The real question is, who originally came up with this rule? The Fashion Police? A cursory Google investigation yielded few results on the actual origins of this commandment, which I think helps prove just how generational this whole idea is. Still–and yeah, I guess it depends on your age and upbringing–I know I’m not the only one out there who can’t help, just a tiny bit, feeling a little “racy” wearing white heels in the middle of September.