Chic Dresses That Actually Cover Up Your Naughty Bits

So, who out there has ever had to layer a tank top under, say, a DVF wrap dress in order to remain “covered”? Or have you ever felt nekkid wearing a strapless dress to work, so you threw on a tee underneath? Or a cardi on top? Don’t know about you, but my hand is raised way up in the air. Why is it that chic dresses sometimes just leave us feeling a little too exposed?

Luckily, I just found an awesome solution.Two women decided to up and do something about the general frock-overexposure dilemma and created Shabby Apple. It’s a collection of dresses designed in the spirit of real-deal women. These dresses are truly “outfits” unto themselves — no cardigan or tank needed. Even better, each dress is inspired by a true story submitted by an actual, living, breathing (and not properly clothed!) woman. And if you’re thinking the dresses are at all frumpy, take a look-see here.

Not sure which silhouette is right for you? They offer a quick questionnaire to help determine your body type and the dresses that would suit you best. None of the dresses are over 100 bucks that I can find. And the best part of it all—proceeds from your sale will go towards providing 500 women with micro-credit loans to help them overcome poverty. [Shabby Apple]