Best Hangover Cures: Water, Advil, And … Asparagus?!

Being a girl who likes to get her party on from time to time, I am no stranger to the painful head-throbbing of a hangover. And catching a glimpse of my messy hair and exhausted face in the mirror on the way to make coffee doesn’t make things any better. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Along with drinking gallons of water, the newest hangover cure to hit the streets is: asparagus. That’s right. A new study shows that eating the green veggie (more commonly known for making your pee and, ahem, other substances smell unpleasant) the day after your booze-fest can help ease hangover pain. South Korean researchers found the acids in asparagus help protect your liver from toxins. [Health]

While the vitamin-packed vegetable is a surprising hangover fix, it’s not the weirdest. Here are a few more “alternative” hangover remedies people have tried the morning after.

  • Tripe Soup. This mixture of cow’s stomach, chili peppers and other strong spices is said to “get your blood going” to cure a hangover. While this might be a good distraction from your headache, I doubt it will help remedy any queasy customers. [Forbes]
  • Prickly Pear. Researchers at Tulane University found the extract of this desert fruit helps aid nausea, dry mouth and stomach problems. That’s great, but good luck peeling it. [Forbes]
  • Take a Wasabi or Mustard Bath. Apparently, soaking in the spicy tang of these condiments not only sparks your taste buds, but it gets your circulation pumping to rid your body of pesky alcohol toxins. I still prefer my wasabi on a salmon roll. [Planet Green]
  • Pickles. Whether it’s the pickle itself or pickled herring, these foods restore electrolytes stripped by the alcohol and the extreme saltiness will drive you to down more water than you’d probably like to flush out. [Travel and Leisure]
  • Haejangguk. Very similar to the tripe soup, this “soup of the stomach” is a popular hangover cure in Korea. But instead of just cow’s stomach as the main ingredient, cow’s blood and bones are added to the mix. Um, yum? [Forbes]

What do you do the morning after when you’ve had a few too many to drink?