Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Fix A Relationship With A Scorpio?

I’m a Pisces (2/21/91) and my boyfriend of seven months is a Scorpio (11/14/86). I need help trying to fix this relationship. Ever since May our relationship started to change — he calls and visits less, we argue often, and he spends more time with his friends than he does with me. Now we’re on break. I really care about him and we’ve had some great times. How do I fix it? I’ve spoken to him about this, but to no avail. – Panicked PiscesThis isn’t looking good. Instead of trying to fix this relationship, it would most likely be in your best interest to get some distance and weigh your other options. Scorpios are very private. Once they lay down a boundary like that you have to respect it, if you want even a hope of getting back into his good graces. And even then, when they lay something that heavy on the line, chances are never good for them to go back. They tend to be pretty final with breakups, and since your man also has an Aries moon, that only emphasizes the finality even more, as he is impetuous and prefers running off to new pursuits rather than going backwards.

Recognize that as a Pisces with a Taurus moon you do tend to think pain will bring pleasure, that you have to earn love or — even more extreme — you get too lost in la la land and create fairytale endings in which miracles must happen. This time around if you do anything of the sorts, you’ll end up with a big fat basket of nothingness. Luckily, if you start focusing your mind on the future, you have a chance to get yourself in gear for the luckiest year you will have in over a decade! Yes, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is moving into Pisces in January 2010 and, along with the eclipses in your house of adventure, this bodes well for you to get yourself involved with someone that matters.

Yes, that seems like eons away, but that just means you have time to lay down the path. Currently, you have some good aspects with the sun in Virgo, your partnership house, but until you fully recover from the sting of Scorpio, you won’t really be able to maximize on them. In time, take on a few frivolous flirtations to help you remember that relationships should be fun. From there, time will fly and then when you are in the midst of your fiesta, chances are among all those fish swarming around you, there will be a few good enough to reel in.

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