How Old Is Too Old When It Comes To Miniskirts?

Today The Daily Mail has put an expiration date on wearing miniskirts: 35 years old, 65 years old, 55, 60, oh, and 40. (They had a bunch of lady writers chime in on their own how-old-is-too-old age, hence the differing opinions.) As was so nicely pointed out: “Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, 35, Danni Minogue, 38 next month, Elle Macpherson, 46, Cindy Crawford, 43, Jennifer Aniston, 40, and Courteney Cox, 45, are all fans of the mini.” Sure, but that list of Hollywood ladies is also one seriously in-shape bunch. I would never deny them the right to a higher hemline simply by citing their ages. My two cents? The age thing is horses**t…For me, it’s not so much my age that’s limiting (or will be limiting), but the way I look and feel in a mini. Mark my words: I’m never going to be “that woman” parading around town in a too-short skirt trying to fake-out people into thinking I’m 22—or trying to and failing miserably, anyway. As of now, I can still rock the miniskirt. One day that will, for sure, change. I’m pretty sure I’ll look in the mirror one morning, do a quick mental run-through of what my life is like at that point (Do I have a kid? Did I put on some pounds? Am I not as toned as I once was? Am I trying to be super-professional? Is Peg Bundy my role model?), and then will just up and decide to give all the minis away. There will come a point when they just won’t make sense in my life anymore and I won’t be the woman who is grieving that fact. My closet will go on without the higher hemlines, and I’ll look just as chic without them. (Or maybe even more chic?) But until that day, I’ll do a quick spot-check in the mirror before I leave the house in a mini, just to be sure I’m not making a fool of myself. Then again, to each her own. [Daily Mail]