A Mother-Daughter Prostitution Ring?

We raised an eyebrow when Susan Sarandon and her daughter took a pole dancing class together. We shook our heads when Demi Moore took daughter Rumer to a strip club. But we are completely and totally scandalized by Traci Young, 39, and her daughter Tami Smith, 22, who used their mother-daughter bond as a gimmick to reel in johns in Philadelphia. The two posted ads on Craigslist, under the now-discontinued erotic services section, with the subject line, “Mother and Daughter Tag Team.” An undercover police officer responded to the ad and met the two women at their house, where they decided on the price of $200 smackeroos to have a threesome. Then he slapped handcuffs on them. The pair went on trial this week, and were just found guilty of prostitution. “It’s a messed up world out there and we have to do this just to get by,” Young told reporters. Yeah, I’d say so. [CBS 3]