Quickies: Don’t Say “That’s Hot” Or You’ll Get Sued & The Disney-Marvel Mashups Begin

  • The Ninth Circuit has ruled that Paris Hilton can sue Hallmark for allegedly misappropriating her image and her former catchphrase, “That’s hot!” [Law Blog] — Didn’t Hallmark know that the world was a cold, dank place until Paris let us know what was hot?
  • Heidi Klum’s coffee table book, Rankin’s Heidilicious, is full of steamy photos of Heidi shot over seven years by Rankin and is due out this October. [FoxNews.com] — I really love coffee table books because I don’t have to be embarrassed about only looking at the photos.
  • Hollywood A-listers like Scarlett Johansson, Denzel Washington, and Jim Carrey have had to take pay cuts as a result of poor box office sales. [Impact Lab] — Their kind of pay cut is nothing like the average person’s, so I can’t have too much sympathy.

  • You know you enjoy looking at street style photos, but who are the photographers behind the lenses? [Refinery 29]
  • Testosterone is what makes guys do stupid things. And women with high levels of the hormone act just as stupid. [Your Tango] — Testosterone also makes men stink, especially teenagers.
  • The Disney-Marvel mashups have already begun, and Disney only announced their deal to buy Marvel yesterday. [The Fire Wire via Urlesque] — I’m so saddened by this deal. What the hell was Marvel thinking (besides $$$)?