Pill Popping To Get Pretty

Everyone knows that prescription pills are available to anyone looking for them, if you know how to search online. Not that it’s a legal means—but abusing prescription painkillers isn’t all that lawful to begin with. A year or two ago, we all heard about people buying the no-joke acne medicine, Accutane, online—without a prescription or monthly blood tests to monitor your liver health—and drug abuse took a whole new turn into beauty-land. Now, The Daily Mail is reporting internet pill abuse has hit an all new, um, high, and it’s all in the name of beauty. The fight to be skinnier, prettier and clearer-skinned knows no bounds, apparently. We all know buying anything off the internet or eBay comes with a certain level of danger—you always wonder, is it the real deal? But buying MD Skincare peel pads is way different than purchasing something you actually ingest—right? I mean, maybe I’m crazy, but would you buy the Nicholas Perricone clear-skin vitamins on eBay? What about something like the expensive David Kirsch Thermobubble shake mixes? It’s still being swallowed down. Are you a bit more leery of the pills versus the shake mixes?

Personally, I’m not going to buy anything I have to put in my body online, but I have less of a problem with things that are more superficial—like those MD Skincare peels. I figure, as long as they are properly sealed, I’m good to go. What about you? Where do you draw the line? [Daily Mail]