Fall ’09: The Death Of The Dress?

Dum, dum, DUM. With New York shows just around the corner and the temperature already taking its first dips well south of 70 degrees, the beginnings of fall are upon us—and I couldn’t be happier. Cozy sweaters, chic ankle length pants, full skirts, booties … OMFG. Bring. It. On. Much like every September before this one, I find myself chomping at the bit to start layering up and dragging my tights and boots out of storage. But as I envision all the new-again clothes I’m already mentally planning to wear, one very specific type of clothing is missing … the dress. For the first time in what feels like decades, I’m not looking forward to throwing on any dresses. This is a huge departure for me. Huge. And I’m not alone…When an email went around asking us Frisky folk for our must buys this fall, not a single person replied with an I-die-for-it frock. (Eventually, Catherine ponied up with a shirtdress she was eying—but even so, a shirtdress, people!) And, we’re not alone, Donna Karan seems to agree. This fall, as she said in this video, it’s all about pieces: pants-blouse, pencil skirt-sweater, top-sweater-skinny jeans. What’s going on here? Are you over dresses this fall, too? Do you plan to wear them as layering pieces rather than on their own? Since I’m no big earner (or spender), I’m planning on throwing tops and sweaters over my already existing dresses—and, gotta say, I don’t anticipate buying any new frocks anytime soon. A full skirt and a pair of booties? You bet.