Decode My Dream: I’m Scared Of Falling!

I had a crazy dream last night. I was at the top of a construction crane — the ones they use for high rises. I should mention that I am an architect by profession. The crane was yellow and I was at the very top of it holding on like someone holds on to a ladder and I was looking down at everything below. The crane was moving in a circle, which really put me off balance. I wanted to get down, but I was paralyzed with fear of falling, as this thing spun around slowly in a circle over the buildings below. I looked down at the crane operator, and he smiled and waved. I said, “I’m sorry! I just climbed up here to have a look.” He gave me a thumb’s up. He wasn’t worried about me at all. He trusted that I knew what I was doing as he spun this thing around. I finally started to climb down like a ladder and I met two other guys. They were also hanging on ladder-style. At one point, an elevator the size of a small phone booth rushed by, and the other guy holding on moves his hands just as it passes so it doesn’t knock him down. And I’m thinking, “Man! These guys do this all day, and they don’t get tired and they have no safety harness…..that’s pretty amazing.” So I’m shooting the breeze with them, but I really want to talk about how I’d love to find a way to get that elevator to come by, so I can get in and get down. But there was a feeling of not letting go of the rungs, to grab the other rungs to get down and just being a bit frozen like a cat in a tree hanging on. Any thoughts? – Hanging On for Dear Life
This dream is a perfect example of how an entire dream and the landscape in it can represent an attitude or feeling. The message here is clear: You want to achieve more success in your career but part of you doesn’t feel comfortable with it. You are hanging on to old ways of thinking and in doing so paralyzing yourself with a lot of unnecessary anxiety instead of continuing to climb.

Let’s start with that crane – a forceful and undeniable symbol — barging its way into your dream as if to tell you “just dig in there and get dirty.” Take a risk. But it’s almost as if you feel the risks aren’t yours to take. You are not operating the crane, which indicates that you don’t feel in control of your own destiny. No wonder you feel off balance. You are on a ladder, another symbol of success. Again you are afraid to move up (become successful) or fall down (fail) so you remain more or less stuck in the same place. Same with the elevator: In your dream you don’t know when it comes or how to get on it; you only know that you want to. All of this lack of control seems to say that you think your success is less a result of your own efforts than a consequence of chance and the actions of others. The other characters in the dream seem to be showing you that you can operate your own crane or take risks without a safety harness.

I like to think of other characters in a dream as different parts of the dreamer –especially in a dream like this. Everyone around you has a completely different perspective about success. The crane operator trusts that you know what you are doing. The other two guys are just chillin’ with you up there on that ladder. They know everything is just fine. They are not afraid of falling or of climbing. They are comfortable with where they are. They feel relaxed, in control, and confident. They know when the elevator is coming and they can choose to hop on or move aside and let it pass.

A word of advice: you are in control of your own success. If you want it, it’s there for the taking. Don’t let fear of failing hold you back from taking risks. Be confident in yourself and your place in life and you will feel good about soaring to new heights!

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