Cobbler Vs. New Shoes: Which Is The Better Value?

Thinking I was being smart with my money, I recently took three pairs of black high heels to my local shoe repair man to get them gussied up. All of them were in pretty sad condition—the heels worn down to the metal screw, soles thin, and scuffs all around. (FYI, these shoes weren’t anything super fancy, just good and basic Banana Republic and Nine West.)I figured this would run me about $80. Try more like $140. “What?!” I shouted when I went to pay for the bill. “Well we did a lot of work done on them, and you wanted the better soles put in.” I coughed up the money, but went home thinking, “For $140, and maybe a little more, I could have bought a new pair of basic pumps, and would have the benefit of being excited about a new item in my wardrobe.”

I’m completely stumped when it comes to deciding which option would have been better. So, I’m eager to know what advice you have for situations like this. Spend a chunk of cash to have things rehabilitated? Or spend the same amount to get less—but something new and fun? Leave your answers in the comments below!