Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Whitney Houston To Juliette Lewis

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin! This week, Whitney Houston comes back and looks to you, Andrew W.K. shuts up and drives, the Black Crowes thaw out, Speech Debelle crosses the pond, These United States go OCD and touch everything, and Juliette Lewis tries to go incognito. So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump!

Whitney Houston, I Look To You
Whitney’s back! And her voice is so deep, you can tell she’s been to a dark place and is living to tell the tale. It’s too bad they don’t let her sing it in her songs, a la Marianne Faithful. Still, this poppy album is guaranteed to put her back on the map.

Andrew W.K., 55 Cadillac
Andrew W.K. is full of surprises and his new record is no exception. Dude romanticizes a car and plays the piano solo. He just must have taken “shut up and drive” literally.

Black Crowes, Before The Frost…Until The Freeze
New dirty, funky, psychedelic Southern rock that’ll make you feel like you’ve been sleeping in the tour van with hot hippie brothers Rich and Chris.

Speech Debelle, Speech Therapy
String and piano orchestrations back thoughtful raps that are spoken in a delicate female voice, with a strong message. Expect big things from the British Lauryn Hill—her debut record has already gotten nominated for the Mercury Prize. It’s so good, I’m even willing to admit I missed its U.S. release a couple weeks back. Sorry, people!

These United States, Everything Touches Everything
Indie folk rock with lyrical gems of regret and idealism.

Juliette Lewis, Terra Incognita
The coherent Courtney Love screams out another hot rock record. She’s really one of the few peeps who left acting to become a musician and still kept her street cred. Good for her!