Woman Marries Her Former Doorman, Childhood Crush

When I was a teen, I crushed on many, many older dudes. When I was 14, there was Rob, who worked at my local video store and was easily in his mid-20s; at 16, I had it bad for Tony, who was also in his mid-20s and wore Tevas (don’t judge!); and at 18, Jesse, who was six years older, but had known me since my boobs were just mosquito bites. I imagined that all of them would see past the age difference and fall madly in love with me too, but I didn’t really have a prayer of it actually happening. Maybe I should have been a little more ambitious — and had a little more faith — like Jessica Rosen, who, after 18 years, married her childhood crush, the cute doorman who began working at her Upper East Side apartment building when she was just 12 years old. The New York Times profiled the couple’s wedding this weekend. More romance, after the jump… Young Jessica developed an instant crush on Ron Laegner, 24 at the time, whom she says, “looked like the guy from Tiger Beat, the one whose poster you put up on the wall.” The night she met him, she wrote in her diary, “I met the man I’m going to marry.” She hung around the lobby a lot, even after her family moved out of the building. Then she went away to boarding school, and then college, eventually moving back to the city at age 22, where she found Laegner still in his usual spot. Her pursuit of him picked up right where it had left off, but this time he noticed she had grown up into a lovely woman. Eventually, when both ended up single, they started to date, and after Rosen discovered she had cancer — she is now in remission — they decided to get married. “He was the person that brought me back to myself,” Rosen says of the way Laegner kept her spirits up during her illness.

According to The New York Times, during their wedding ceremony, Rabbi Graham Parker said that the bride “was barely 16 when she fell in love with Ron.”

“I was 12!” Rosen said.

“I wanted to keep it legal, Jessica,” Rabbi Parker replied.

Now, isn’t that story an inspiring example of why you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue your crush? I wonder if Rob still works at that video store… [NY Times]