Why The Heck Is Jon Gosselin A Babe Magnet?

OK, so obviously, I am a woman. But sometimes I have a very hard time understanding my gender. For example, check out this pic of Jon Gosselin hosting a pool party at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand this weekend. Three hot women are totally drooling over him and his chest hair—and People says he left the soiree with mucho phone numbers. And this is in addition to Hailey Glassman, who he’s now saying is for real deal his girlfriend, and Kate Major, the journalist who lost her job over knocking boots with him, and nanny Stephanie Santoro, who some say he is getting down with, too. Am I missing something? Sure, he’s semi-reasonably attractive, though a little pudgy. Not to mention that he doesn’t have, oh, a career. Plus, he comes with eight kids and a seriously scorned ex-wife. So what’s the deal? Why are women all about him? Theories, anyone?