Rumer Willis Bakes Pies, Cries On Command

This morning, Rumer Willis stopped by the fourth hour of “Today” — otherwise known as the hour that Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee get drunk and talk to “stars” that aren’t famous enough to be on the show during the first three hours when more than just bloggers and unemployed people watch. Anyway, it seems someone gave Rumer a job — a role in a horror movie called “Sorority Row” (at first I thought it was called “Sorority, No,” which would have been a more appropriate title) and she was on the show this morning to promote it (sporting a pretty weave, I might add). From the looks of the trailer, I’m guessing the flick is going to go straight to DVD, and I can’t imagine anyone was shocked when Rumor admitted she’s never had any formal acting training. Still, Kathie Lee seems sure this is all the beginning of a “terrific career.” And if things don’t take off with the acting, the self-described “Betty Crocker” can always go into the pie-baking business. So, is anyone going to watch her movie?