Fashion! Disaster! Miranda Kerr Temporarily Blinded By Perfume

At a Victoria’s Secret “Heavenly Enchanted” perfume launch this weekend, Victoria’s Secret model and girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, was temporarily blinded when former “Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars” cast member Melissa Rycroft “accidentally” sprayed perfume in her face. Apparently Melissa felt really bad for handicapping the Australian model. [NY Post]

It’s really hard not to laugh when bad things happen to beautiful people. (Do you think it’s funny when models fall on the runway?) Luckily, YouTube users have made a sport of compiling clips of fashion disasters. Hopefully, Miranda is doing better. But in the meantime, we’ve found some other OMG model moments.

Who thought it was a good idea to put actual water in a watering can as models walked in heels on a slippery runway? Evidently, Vivienne Westwood.

In 2007, someone had the even more brilliant idea of hiring Shaolin monks to breakdance before their runway show, and for some reason nobody warned model Sarah Welch (who was a contestant on “The Bachelor” season 7) that there was a massive hole on stage. She promptly fell right into it, and is suing the responsible parties. [Evil Beet Gossip]

Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins, lost her skirt during an Australian fashion show. The incident was deemed “the most embarrassing moment ever shown on Australian television” and rocketed the number of Google searches for the beauty queen.

In 1993, Naomi Campbell collapsed on Vivienne Westwood’s runway, thanks to ten-inch platforms. Don’t worry, it’s OK to laugh if the model’s laughing too! Plus, she got commercials out of the snafu!