How Much Are You Willing To Pay For An Eyebrow Wax?

Treating yourself to something girly is always fun, so this weekend, I booked myself my first appointment at Bliss Spa. But my guy looked at me like I sprouted a third eye amongst my unibrow fuzz when I shared the price of my eyebrow wax: $30, plus tip. “Thirty dollars!” He exclaimed. “But, whatever. It’s your money.” True, I typically pay $7 to $12 for a short, in-and-out wax at a nail salon. Yet I couldn’t help but remember the one lucky time brow-expert-to-the-stars, Anastasia Soare, did my brows while promoting her new line of brow products (like her super-sharp tweezers and fab highlighter crayon). Hollywood’s brow expert tsk-tsk-ed over my unnaturally thin eyebrows, which she pronounced overwaxed and overplucked, then asked who did my brows (as if I’m the sort of person who might see a “who”). “I just go to nail salons,” I told her. She grimaced. “They should stick to doing nails,” she told me. Oh, dis. But she has a point: a $7 eyebrow wax looks (and feels) like a $7 eyebrow wax. Forking over more dough for the extra attention to my brow’s thickness and shape does keep my eyebrows closer to their natural shape. But spending $30 on eyebrows? In this economy? Am I just insane or is a professional eyebrow wax a necessarily evil? How much are you willing to pay for an eyebrow wax?