Beauty Test Drive: Smooth Away Hair Removal Pads

I really hate shaving my legs. Then again, does anyone actually enjoy this activity? No matter what, I end up with a few nicks and bleeds. As for Nair? No way I would put up with the smell. And waxing? Forget it. Ouchy. So these doo-dads piqued my interest while I was in the drugstore the other day. (And weirdly, I realized that Smooth Away has been doing a ton of advertising in my neighborhood with posters at bus stops. Guess I was swayed.) But really, who isn’t interested in whether these things really work or not? The verdict, after the jump!

They’re a bit like sandpaper for your legs. You take the buffer to dry skin, and rub it around in a circular direction. It did work, but my leg hair is extremely thin and wimpy, so I wonder if it would be so great on coarser hairs, especially because I felt like the pads wore down quickly. They also didn’t leave that great feeling of super silky smooth skin that you do (admittedly) get from shaving.

The one use for Smooth Away I’d be interested to try out would be on the bikini area. I’ve been told that to get rid of bumps and ingrown hairs on the bikini line, you should be exfoliating, so this could potentially be a two-in-one. If you try that out, let us know! [$9.99,]