37 Things We’ll Teach Our Daughters About Men And Relationships

We’re not going to be like those moms that leave their children to figure out love, relationships, and the opposite sex on their own. We’re going to share our experiences, knowledge, and regrets, so our children can make informed choices. We already know what we’re going to teach our sons about women, but we’ve got completely different lessons for our daughters. Check out the list after the jump, and leave your lessons in the comments.

    What Our Daughters Should Know About Men

  1. If you’re paranoid he’s cheating, then you don’t trust him and the relationship should be over.
  2. Going down isn’t shameful.
  3. Learn how to satisfy yourself sexually.
  4. Men are powerless in the face of female sexuality.
  5. Be honest and upfront about your feelings, and demand the same from men.
  6. Don’t try to change a man.
  7. If he’s annoying when you’re dating, then he’ll be annoying when you’re married.
  8. The first time he hits you is the last time he hits you, because you leave.
  9. “Perfect couples” have troubles too, so don’t compare your relationship to othe relationships too much.
  10. If he’s not willing to work on the relationship, then he’s not invested in it.
  11. Flirting with other women in your presence is disrespectful and shouldn’t be tolerated.
  12. It’s OK to sleep with multiple men at the same time, as long as you’re honest with them and safe about it.
  13. The STD talk really isn’t that difficult to have.
  14. Keeping your man sexually satisfied will do wonders for your relationship.
  15. You both should be able to say “I’m sorry.”
  16. If he can’t laugh at himself, he’s too uptight.
  17. A man who cooks you breakfast in bed, gives you foot rubs, goes shopping with you or accompanies you to a rom-com is worth his weight in gold.
  18. Mama’s boys are unlikely to prioritize your wants and needs above their mom’s wants and needs.
  19. Always trust your gut.
  20. Expressing strong emotions doesn’t make you crazy.
  21. Don’t bother overanalyzing him. His reasoning is likely very simple.
  22. Be able to take it as much as you dish it.
  23. Find a man that truly “cares” for you. When love and passion fade, “caring” takes over until they return again.
  24. Never waste your time with a man that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  25. You don’t owe him a thing, even if he buys you the most expensive dinner in town.
  26. Tease him. And just went he thinks he’s going to get it, tease him again.
  27. There are seven excuses for getting out of anal sex.
  28. You can’t own anyone and they can’t own you.
  29. It’s OK to just listen to him breathe sometimes.
  30. Men need to be cuddled and hugged, too.
  31. Find someone to share your life with, not fill in the gaping hole (not a vagina reference) in your life.
  32. Only you can make yourself happy.
  33. Love doesn’t hurt.
  34. Shoe shopping is great breakup therapy.
  35. Never settle.
  36. Date potential, instead of vainly searching for Mr. Perfect.
  37. Be a lesbian.