The Science Of Harry Potter And Other College Classes You Wish You Could Take

All around the country, you can hear the sound of college students hitting bookstores with new reading lists and buying mini-fridges in which they will store zero food and a whole lot of beer. Ah, I miss college. Earlier today, I read about a class at Occidental College called, simply, “Stupidity,” which I really wish I’d been able to take, even though the course description is a snoozefest. (“Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence rather than its opposite. Stupidity is always the name of the Other, and it is the sign of the feminine.” Huh?) So in honor of back to school, here are some other off-the-wall classes you can actually enroll in at higher education establishments across the country. Yes, the student loans are totally worth it.

The Class The College The Deal
Arguing with “Judge Judy” Berkeley This class is all about logic and the, uh, illogic of arguments constructed on TV court shows.
Adultery Novel In and Out of Russia University of Pennsylvania This class actually involves reading heavy-duty novels about the theme of adultery. However, we’re more tickled by the “in and out” part of the course title.
Philosophy and “Star Trek” Georgetown “What better way to learn philosophy, than to watch “Star Trek,” read philosophy, and hash it all out in class?” That’s from the actual course description.
Art of Walking Center College This class meets twice a day—in the first half, they read Kant’s Critique of Judgment which is all about beauty and nature. Then in the afternoon, they take a daily walk.
Learning From YouTube Pitzer College In this class, students look at what’s available on YouTube and what that says about our society. Wonder what they thought of that candy bra video?
Joy of Garbage Santa Clara University Field trip! Students in this class go to a sewage treatment plant, a household garbage transfer station, and an electronics recycling facility. Fun?
The Science of Superheroes University of California at Irvine This class sounds kind of bad-ass. You learn basic science concepts through discussions of, say, whether Superman could really fly or whether Wonder Woman’s bracelet could really deflect bullets.
The Dirty Picture Rhode Island School of Design “Note: Sexually explicit subject matter will be addressed and viewed in this course.” Nuf said.
Zombies in Popular Media Columbia College After all, zombies are the new pop-culture vampires.
Tightwaddery Alfred University This class is all about debunking capitalism and showing students that spending money does not equal happiness.
The Science of Harry Potter Frostburg State University Holler. This class looks at the magical happenings in the Harry Potter books and explains them via physics. Even quiddich.
Cyberporn and Society State University of New York at Buffalo This class looks at how porn built the interwebs, and how having so much available at our fingertips affects us.
Finding Dates Worth Keeping University of Sioux Falls Um, no really. I need this class.
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