Cooking With Dishwashers And Coffeepots Brings Dorm Room Cuisine To A New Low

For those who live in cities, cramped quarters necessitate some creative maneuvering in the kitchen. Especially if you don’t have one. Over at gadget blog Gizmodo, one writer has taken it upon himself to test out, um, alternative means for cooking. The first experiment involved making a chicken dinner in a coffeepot (just the thought is hard to stomach), by poaching a chicken breast. To accompany, couscous, also prepared in heated water. The results are a bit surprising: “The coffee maker did a perfectly fine job of it. The chicken was moist and the texture was about right, and it is an incredibly easy way to make a meal. I could see this recipe being useful if you’re stuck in a hotel room somewhere—and just happen to have a raw chicken breast on you.” Yeah, and then having bird-flavored java in the morning. Mmmm.

For his next trick, the MacGyver Chef attempted to dishwasher-cook a fish fillet by steaming a piece of salmon wrapped in tinfoil (on the regular wash, not the pots and pans cycle). In two trials, one version came out overcooked with the other was far undercooked.

Interesting ideas…but we gather you’ll probably be sticking to your ramen noodles. []